The tournament will be held according to PDGA Europe B-Tier standards.

2 meters rule is NOT in play!

No consumption of alcohol or drugs before, during and between rounds is allowed.
Smoking is ONLY allowed with the consent of other players in the group.

Max. 180 players in the tournament – attention on the distribution of spots:
90 spots from white tee in following divisions: MPO, FPO, MP40, FP40, MJ18
90 spots from yellow tee in following divisions: MP50, MP60, FJ18, MA1, FA1

16 wildcards

Entry fee
65 Euro – Pro divisions (MPO, FPO, MP40, FP40, MP50, MP60)
45 Euro – AM/Junior divisions (MA1, FA1, MJ18, FJ18)

Prize money
It is the player’s responsibility to pay tax on the prize money, if the player’s country requires this.

Mens Pro Open (MPO)
Female Pro Open (FPO)
Mens Pro Masters (MP40)
Female Pro Masters (FP40)
Mens Pro Grand Masters (MP50)
Mens Pro Senior Grand Masters (MP60)
Advanced Amateurs (MA1)
Female Amateurs (FA1)
Junior (MJ18)
Female Junior (FJ18)

Pros are NOT allowed to play AM according to the PDGA international program guide.

Players in MPO, FPO, MP40, FP40 MJ18 will play from the white tee (90 spots all together)
Players in MP50, MP60, MA1, FA1, FJ18 will play from the yellow tee (72 spots all together)

Tournament Format
3 x 18 hole rounds for all players and a 9 hole final. The number of participants will depend on the size of the divisions and will be published later.

1st round to be played random draw (gun start) – white tee Eghjorten / yellow tee Fredtoften
2nd round will be played ordered by score and division (gun start) – white tee Fredtoften / yellow tee Eghjorten
3rd round will be played ordered by score, and division (gun start) – white tee Eghjorten / yellow tee Fredtoften
Finals top 25% all divisions (golf start) in following order: MPS, MPG, FA1, MA1, MJ1, MPM, FPO, MPO (Fredtoften)

Ties for spots in the finals will be determined by sudden death play off at Fredtoften, Kokkedal hole 2, 3, 2 (ctp. on hole 2, second time). TD will provide detailed information before play offs.

Holes in finals (Fredtoften, Kokkedal): 7, 10, 11, 6, 5, 15, 18, 1, XXL (yellow tee 4 -> basket 8)

Ties for first place in any division will result in sudden death play off. Hole 1, 2, 3, 17 & 18. Sudden death will be over, when one of the players has won a hole. TD will provide detailed information before play offs.

Par golf / Doubles
Friday, May 17. doubles for all interested!
18 holes ‘Best Throw’ – RULES FOR BEST THROW (in English)
Entry fee: 75 DKK/10 Euro per team.
Prizes: 100% of the fee will be returned in prizes.

Photo / video
There will be photographed during the tournament. Images can be published and can be used in conjunction with KFGK’s work and the promotion of the disc golf sport.